Lake Agia

April 2, 2016

The artificial lake of Agia (Ayia) is located near the village of Agia, only a 6 km walk away from Oscar Suites & Village. It is a small lake of 450 acres. Agia lake receives water from underground springs and the river Xekolomenos, and is the most humid valley in Crete.


The lake was a swamp before the Power Public Corp turned it to an artificial lake, for producing hydroelectric power. Today, the power station is abandoned, but visitors still can see the old mechanisms.

This small lake hosts the largest variety of aquatic plants in Crete, but also hosts very important species of fauna, such as rare species of ferns and frogs.The ecological significance of Ayia is reflected in the fact that it is a protected area and a shelter for many migratory and non-migratory birds which makes it an excellent spot if you want to go bird watching.

Lake Agia (Ayia) IMG_0044a1280 xania_agia6 1Map