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Oscar’s Top Chania Restaurants (part 2)


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Valentino Chania restaurant pasta, pizza & wine menus on table with glasses & plate in Agia Marina

“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat”, wrote Mark Twain. Somewhat arbitrarily but quite safely, one could assume that Cretan food might as well had been in his mind.


Boasting one of the oldest, healthiest and most delectable gastronomic...
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Reminiscing of the summer ‘18 in view of the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season



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It has been another great summer; yet for the past few weeks we’ve been having cooler temperatures- along with strikingly beautiful fall colors and scents. So we’ve been gradually winding down and -physically and mentally- preparing for the closing of Oscar...
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Let’s dance – it’s Friday !!


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If you are so lucky to be in Agia Marina - Platanias on a Friday evening this summer, you should not miss the vibrant atmosphere at Valentino Pasta & Grill. Spoil yourself with an unforgettable dinner or cool drinks while...
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