Chania Highlights & Attractions

The island’s former capital and arguably most picturesque city, Chania sits on the north coast of the island, just a short drive from Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Agia Marina-Platanias. With Venetians and Turks for eons fighting for its occupation, Chania boasts a long, turbulent and interesting history, whose traces are nowadays found in its imposing old buildings, statuesque lighthouses, great walls, and fortifications. Boasting a remarkably well preserved old town, Chania is a sight for sore eyes, ideal for exploring on foot.

Chania Highlights & Attractions

Watch history coming alive


Discover an eclectic mix of Venetian palazzos, renaissance buildings, Ottoman bathhouses, Minarets, and Byzantine churches. Visit the Egyptian lighthouse, the medieval Firka Fortress, the municipal cross-shaped market or the Archaeological museum housed in a former Venetian monastery, among other landmarks. Get lost in the old town’s labyrinth alleyways; travel back in time; get caught up in the moment.

Living & Shopping

Most old buildings are thoughtfully restored, today hosting several boutique hotels, restaurants, shops, and bars. Lively and thriving, Chania boasts a zestful day time and nightlife scene, especially in the summer with open-air concerts, festivals or theatrical performances taking place throughout the city. Shopping opportunities abound too -whether in designer boutiques, artistic jewelry shops, quirky souvenir stores or international high street chains. Leather goods are a must here too, thanks to Chania’s long-standing leather making tradition. The same goes for it’s striking municipal market: Inaugurated in 1913, this vast indoor bazaar on the edge of the old town hosts an abundance of edible temptations. Like an impressive array of trademark Cretan cheeses; which makes it justifiably popular with tourists and locals alike.

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