Reminiscing of the summer ‘18 in view of the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season

October 22, 2018
Sofas with heart shaped back and coffee tables in the reception area in Oscar Suites & Village.

It has been another great summer; yet for the past few weeks we’ve been having cooler temperatures- along with strikingly beautiful fall colors and scents. So we’ve been gradually winding down and -physically and mentally- preparing for the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season.


As we are getting ready to say goodbye to our last guests for 2018- the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season is scheduled on the 4th of November 2018.-we cannot help but feel a little sad and nostalgic. After all ours is a family run, family style hotel at the seaside resort of Agia Marina-Platanias, a few klm from the iconic old town of Chania, which above and beyond everything values human interaction. Indeed, cordial and welcoming, Oscar Suites & Village stands out for its distinctly affable, sociable character. Simply put we are best buddies with our guests-many of them returning here year after year-and it is always kind of hard parting with them when the time comes for the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season.


So we are flooded with fond memories of yet another amazing summer:


Catching the sun and unwinding for hours on end at the stylish, comfy sun loungers on the side of our two large swimming pools; while the young ones were kept safely entertained and happy at the children’s pool or the playground next door.


Having endless fun under the sun with the plethora of water sports-ski, tubes, parasailing etc-proffered at the vibrant, cosmopolitan town of Agia Marina -Platanias, a mere minutes walk from Oscar. But also socializing and dancing our nights away at the area’s renowned beach bars and clubs; or going on rides with the “Magic Train” that travels through Platanias and the adjacent Agia Marina.


Savoring power breakfasts, lazy, extended lunches and cozy, romantic dinners;  unforgettable gastronomic feasts in short, at the Valentino Pasta & Grill: Oscar’s uber stylish all day restaurant; offering an array of mouthwatering delicacies made with the finest, freshest, locally sourced ingredients from early in the morning till late at night. Good thing there is our state of the art gym which is fully equipped with the latest modern workout gear, or our figures would be otherwise ruined!


And then, enjoying those private moments of ultimate relaxation and indulgence at Oscar’s beautifully appointed Studios & Apartments; or the hotel’s newest addition, the Sea View Suite, with the luxurious private Jacuzzi, spacious terrace and stunning contemporary aesthetic.


All these and so many more cherished holiday memories come back to us as the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season approaches swiftly. It was once more our pleasure to share our summer with friends and family; and we are looking forward to welcoming all of you back in 2019. In fact the closing of Oscar Suites & Village for the season shall give us enough time to carry out a host of new and exciting surprises we have in store- so stay tuned!