Oscar Suites & Village operates in accordance with the Health Protocols of the Ministry of Tourism in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The aim of the action plan is to prevent the occurrence and provide effective handling of suspicious cases with aim to contain the spread of the cases to the staff and other tenants.
  • The hotel has the certification of the “HEALTH FIRST”
  • The hotel has appointed a coordinator to supervise the implementation of the plan and is responsible for each particular department.
  • The hotel staff is trained in abiding the protocol and take all the necessary hygiene measures.
  • Administer daily temperature checks for team members.
  • The Hotel is collaborating with a Doctor, who acts on the instructions of EODY (National Organization for Public Health) for the control of COVID-19.
  • The Hotel is keeping accommodation file & event book for the purposes of public health protection.
  • Collaboration with certified suppliers.

Accommodation Services measures:

  • Staff observe the basic measures against the spreading of COVID-19
  • Special equipment for the handling of a suspected COVID-19 case
  • The reception desk must contain antiseptic for use by the customers Regular disinfection of surfaces in reception
  • Suitable rearrangement of reception area
  • Keeping social distancing to avoid crowding during check-in-out
  • Disinfection of key cards
  • Extension of check-out and check-in between stays (check out until 11am and check in from 3pm) to ensure enough time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the rooms between incoming and outgoing guests and to allow a thorough airing of the accommodation
  • Electronic payment of accommodation bills, electronic sending of bills, invoices, and receipts where applicable
  • No entry in the hotel for non-residents of that specific hotel.

Floor Services / Linen closet – washing machines measures:

  • Special cleaning and disinfection program
  • Special instructions for cleaning in case of a confirmed case
  • Meticulous cleaning and good room ventilation between stays
  • Checking the proper operation of dishwashers and washing machines / laundry
  • Non-regular room cleaning during the stay (to avoid unnecessary contact of cleaning staff with possible case and further transmission).
  • Elimination of daily change of clothing and towels and evening preparation only at the request of the guest
  • Removal of common multi-purpose items (menus, magazines, etc)
  • Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) are cleaned with a steam appliance (temperature> 70oC).
  • Opening of doors and windows on a daily basis to ensure thorough airing
  • Antiseptic liquids are placed into the hotel
  • Strict observance of the rules of hygiene by the personnel involved in the sorting of dirty linen
  • Reinforcement of cleaning services in all public spaces with special attention paid to areas of “high risk” (eg. Door handles, light switches)
  • All additional items in rooms, including coffee & tea facilities, decorative pillows and bedding, room directory, pens, notebooks etc are removed from the rooms.

Food & Beverage & Gym services measures

  • Following of the HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 principles
  • Following the EODY instructions for the distance in the kitchen and at the restaurant
  • Receipt of goods by specific staff & supplier which is required to always wear gloves and a mask.
  • No entrance into the kitchen area for those who are not entitled to be there.
  • F&B is served only by Hotel staff for all meals
  • Operation of Gym space in accordance with the current legal framework.

Drinking water – Water / sewerage network measures:

  • The Hotel complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Health “Protection of Public Health by the corona SARS-COV-2 in the water supply and sewerage systems”

Swimming pools measures:

  • Compliance with the rules of cleaning water for recreational facilities, regular cleaning and disinfection according to ΕΟΔΥ instructions “Proposed procedures for cleaning and disinfection of hosting areas during the COVID-19 pandemic”.
  • Proper operation and maintenance of chlorination systems and of chlorination systems in accordance with current legislation
  • Regular measurement and maintenance of pH recording files during the operation of the swimming pools
  • The maximum total number of people entering the swimming pool at any given time will not be greater than one swimmer per 2.5 m2 of water surface.
  • The layout of the sunbeds is such that the distance between the seats of two people in two different umbrellas or two people living in different rooms is at least 2 meters from each direction.
  • After each guest, the sunbeds & the tables are disinfected.
  •  Strong recommendation for thorough showering before and after entering the swimming pool.

Air conditioning and space ventilation measures:

  • The provisions of the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health “Taking measures to ensure public health from viral and other infections during the use of air conditioning units”, with the emphasis on non-recirculation of air and natural ventilation in rooms and other operating systems (shutting down air conditioning when the doors are open).

Common areas measures:

  • Operation of these spaces in accordance with the current legal framework.
  • Installation of antiseptic liquids (fixed or non-fixed devices) in all common areas.
  • Avoidance of over-crowding in public spaces (4 people/10 sq.m)
  • Toilets: placing of signs informing clients to avoid crowding and to flush the toilet with the lid closed to avoid infection through airborne droplets.
  • Hotel information, menus, price lists, health & safety measures on hotel channel on TV.

If a visitor or hotel employee shows symptoms compatible with COVID- 19 infection, the following applies:

  • The doctor with whom Oscar Suites & Village cooperates is called to evaluate the incident.
  • If the patient is in urgent need of hospitalisation he / she is referred to the relevant hospital, as a suspected case of COVID-19.
  • If the patient shows mild symptoms, a sample for laboratory confirmation of COVID is obtained from the doctor.
  • If the incident is assessed as possible COVID-19 by the examining doctor, the hotel health officer communicates IMMEDIATELY with the Greek National Public Health Organization, for instructions on how to deal with the suspected case.
  • The patient with mild symptoms remains in his / her room until the results of the laboratory test are announced.
  • During the above waiting period, the entry of staff into the patient’s room is avoided, if there is no significant reason. If necessary, a staff member of the accommodation is advised to deal exclusively with the possible case.
If a visitor or hotel employee shows symptoms compatible with COVID- 19 infection, the following applies:
  • If confirmed as a case of COVID-19, the patient with mild symptoms is transferred to a special quarantine hotel* and is treated as a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the designated quarantine hotel or transferred to a hospital if additional treatment is needed. Or the patient will remain at our hotel within his room If the patient is not confirmed as a COVID-19 case, it is treated at the hotel with the instructions of the attending physician.
    * subject to change, according the Greek Public Health Guidelines instructions.
  • The patient is transported with PPE (personal protective equipment) by private transport.
  • If there is a companion of the patient who wishes to stay close to him to take care of him (eg spouse), he / she should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash his / her hands every time he / she comes in contact with secretions of the patient (eg saliva) and definitely before the attendant touches his / her face or eats or drinks.
  •  The patient’s contact details and his / her travel companions should always be recorded if consent is required for interventions where the patient cannot communicate.
  • Used protective equipment (simple disposable surgical mask, gloves) should be discarded in a bucket and never used again.
  • After disposing of protective equipment, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. It is emphasized that the use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means of prevention.
How is close contact (high exposure risk) defined with a COVID-19 case in a hotel?
  • A person who has had direct physical contact with a patient with COVID-19 (eg handshake)
  • A person with unprotected contact with infectious secretions from a patient with COVID-19
  • A person who had contact with a person in the same room as the suspect
  • A person who had “face to face” contact with a patient with COVID-19 at a distance <2 meters and for ≥ 15 minutes
  • A person who remained indoors with a patient with COVID-19 at a distance <2 meters and for ≥ 15 minutes

A passenger on the same aircraft, who was sitting at a distance of two rows of seats (in each direction) from the patient with COVID-19 infection, people traveling together or caring for the patient and crew members who served the specific part of the aircraft where the patient was sitting.

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