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Olive trees next to the stairs leading to the entrance of Oscar Suites & Village in Chania.

The eco-chic way to travel

Comfortable sunbeds by the pool and flowers on the balconies of Oscar Suites & Village in Chania.

The eco-chic way to travel


Why choose Oscar Suites & Village

Ideal Location Eco-Friendly Hotel

Eco-Friendly Hotel

Your Green hotel in Chania. Who said luxury can’t be eco-friendly?

Everything is green in this corner of Crete: From solar energy to organic food or low consumption light bulbs. And this is just an indication.

We have an obligation to protect the place that we love the most; yet we are committed to continuing to offer our guests the best services: In our attempt to make eco-responsibility feel luxurious, we have devised a sustainable strategy that respects the environment, without cutting back on style and comfort. Using electricity from renewable sources, choosing ecological cleaning products, investing in composting and water saving, or practicing waste recycling, are only a part of our going green project.

Our buildings are constructed from local natural materials; and surrounded by luscious gardens: Beautiful to look at but most importantly thoughtfully providing all-natural protection from the heat. Our chef moreover uses organic and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients; while in most cases we hire staff locally to give back to the community and enhance the local economy.

And whilst going green isn’t just about earning another grass colored sticker to put in our lobby window, we are certainly proud of our ISO 14001:2015 certificate for compliance with the guidelines for environmental management, in effect since 2016.

Eco-Friendly Hotel

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