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Photo by Couleur from Pixabay
Photo by Couleur from Pixabay

Discover the essence of Crete through its land’s iconic produce. Savour the best Cretan products and get hooked for life!

When you think of Greece’s largest island, visions of stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture come to mind. But as they say, love goes through the stomach – so to become truly enamoured with Crete, you simply have to taste its products. Nestled between three continents, Crete is brimming with rich history, diverse and fascinating geography, and a culinary tradition that dates back centuries – and is inextricably linked to the land’s unique produce. From olive oil that’s been pressed for generations to fragrant herbs that evoke the very essence of the Mediterranean, here are the must-try Cretan products bound to expand your gastronomic horizons for life.

Cretan Products: Celebrating Island Delights

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality, Cretan olive oil is more than just a culinary staple; it’s a way of life. Grown since Minoan times in the endless groves that dot the island’s landscape, the olives are pretty much harvested as they used to be so many aeons ago; and then cold-pressed to extract the golden elixir that graces Cretan tables. With its robust flavour and myriad health benefits, Cretan extra virgin olive oil embodies the island’s taste. All traditional recipes, including Chaniotiko boureki, gamopilafo and kohlioi boubouristoi, are douched in it – and that’s why they taste so good! But you can savour it fresh, in a salad, with dakos, or in its own right, as a mouthwatering dip.


Celebrated for its taste and multiple health benefits, honey has been a staple of the locals’ nutrition since prehistoric times. Crete’s diverse terrain and intricate biosystem, which is super rich in endemic plants and herbs, provide the perfect environment for bees to thrive and produce some of the finest honey in the world. From the delicate floral notes of thyme honey to the rich, amber hues of pine honey, each variety offers an insight into Crete’s natural bounty. Try it at breakfast, on top of some thick, rich and creamy, Cretan yoghurt; or in the kalitsounia – traditional thin crispy pastries with mizithra and a local cheese called malaka.


Herbs grow everywhere in Crete – in the mountains, farming lands, hillsides, and coastal areas. Many of them are endemic – botanical studies demonstrate that Crete boasts one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems in Europe – and have been known since antiquity for their therapeutic properties. They are also traditionally used to infuse Cretan cuisine with flavour and fragrance. Oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary and dittany are just a few of the treasures that find their way into classic Cretan dishes, imparting depth and complexity to every bite. Even the simple dakos – tomato, mizithra cheese and extra virgin olive oil on top of barley rusk – wouldn’t be the same without its signature oregano.


No culinary journey through Crete would be complete without savouring its artisanal cheeses. Cheese consumption in Crete is the largest worldwide – a fact that’s linked to ancient mythology: Legend has it that Zeus was born in a Cretan cave and raised by Amaltheia – a goat – and her milk. Cheese production has not really changed since ancient times – and continues to be largely based on small goats and sheep, free and fed on wild plants, herbs and bushes. This makes a world of difference and explains the unmatched taste of Cretan cheeses. From the tangy bite of graviera to the creamy richness of mizithra, Cretan cheeses are among the most delectable Cretan products, reflecting the island’s pastoral heritage and skilled craftsmanship.


Crete’s wine-making tradition dates back thousands of years, yielding wines as diverse and spirited, as the island itself. Blending this time-honoured heritage with innovation, modern Cretan vintners are set on reviving rare local varieties, such as Vidiano, Liatiko, and Kotsifali – and committed to making a difference in the international wine scene. Whether you choose a crisp white, a robust red, or a delicate rosé, Crete’s exceptional wines tell a story of perseverance, creativity, and timeless joy.


You can’t go to Crete and not try raki at least once – the traditional local spirit that’s been omnipresent in Cretans’ daily lives since Minoan times. Distilled from the pomace left over from winemaking, raki is a fiery yet smooth libation that embodies the warmth and hospitality of Cretan culture. Enjoyed as both an aperitif and a post-meal digestif, raki is a symbol of Cretan hospitality, offered in feasts and celebrations; in sorrows and joys; as a welcome to friends and strangers; and pretty much in every occasion and event of life. Enjoy it as the locals do – sipped slowly, often with a side of meze (tapas-style snacks).

Authentic Cretan products are a treasure trove weaved into the rich tapestry of Crete’s heritage and culture. At Oscar Suites & Village, we are all for celebrating and sharing the best of what our stunning island has to offer. Stay tuned to our blog for more local insights, tips and ideas.

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