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Tired of the long, bleak winter? Good news is that spring has finally arrived! Which in Crete means no less than clear blue, sunny skies and a carpet of green, dotted with red, yellow and blue wildflowers, covering the ground. But this Monet-esque kind of synthesis -indeed a sight for sore eyes– is not the only reason for which you should opt for a springtime escapade at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias.

Read on for why you should base yourselves at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias for a sneak holiday preview at this time of the year.

Outdoor fun

The balmy spring weather in Crete –average highs in April are around 20oC– means that you may now engage in a wealth of outdoor sports and activities, without getting a heat stroke: Options are vast and varied in the Chania prefecture. For starters there is the long and sandy Agia Marina-Platanias beach. And while swimming might not be your cup of tea, just yet; working on your tan is certainly a winning possibility. Whether on the beach or at the comfy sun loungers next to Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias two sizeable pools. Another great idea is to embark on a cruise to Thodorou islandor Balos and Gramvousaor go diving and windsurfing. Also within a couple of kilometers from Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias, activities on offer include horseback riding, archery and hiking. You may also visit one of the area’s wineries, like Anoskeli or Karavitakis, to engage in wine tasting and local delicacies sampling. Or you may choose to learn the secrets of the brewing process at the Cretan Brewery’s premises, as well as savor their handcrafted beers while surrounded by olive groves and orange trees. Speaking of naturespring is a great time to explore the Botanical Park and Gardens Of CreteA wonderland with ornamental plants and fruit trees alongside multi-colored local flora.

Dose of Culture

Spring weather in Crete -not too hot, but warm enough- is also perfect for exploring ancient monuments and cultural heritage sites. Plus there won’t be the normal tourist hordes to pester and annoy you as you go about it! If you are a history enthusiast make sure to visit ancient Aptera. This was the most important city-state in the island during the Minoan times. The Roman reservoirspublic baths, graves and fortifications that have been uncovered by archaeologists, stand as testaments of its glorious past. Moreover, just 9 km from Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias, do not fail to spend hours at the iconic old town of Chania: It might look like an open air museum with its unique blend of Venetian and Ottoman buildings; but it is very much alive and kicking with a wealth of restaurantscafes and bars in the seafront and amidst the quaint little alleys. Getting lost in them is a must-do. As much as visiting the trademark lighthouse -a mix of Egyptian, Turkish and Venetian influencesshopping Cretan gruyere, raki and olives at the Chania municipal market; or admiring the exhibits at the Nautical and Archaeological Museums.

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