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Top Chania beaches: 4 popular & 2 secluded options

June 21, 2023

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Rimmed by 1,046 km of pristine coastline, Crete boasts an unbeatable sea-sun-and-sand combo – and it rightfully showcases it to the world. If you’re planning an escape to the Oscar Suites & Village, here’s all you need to know about the best Chania beaches.

Made from the stuff of legends and dreams, Chania in Crete boasts some of the most Instagramable beaches on the planet. From cosmopolitan seaside resorts to world-famous, exotic lagoons and from secluded coves to family-friendly havens and sports-lovers playgrounds, there is something for every taste and disposition. Read on for our handpicked suggestions for the best Chania beaches and take your pick as the mood strikes.

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Astounding Beaches in Chania

November 21, 2018
Golden sand and crystal clear sea at a beach in Chania, Crete.

Winter has really started showing its teeth by now -especially if you live in Northern Europe or parts of the states. A bullet proof way to beat these November blues though, is to start daydreaming. And what could be more fantasy stimulating, than an exotic beach with transparent, crystal clear waters and fine, golden sand?


Like the astonishing, world class beaches in Chania; in fact one of Crete’s principal claims to fame. Good news is that Greece’s largest island, made from the stuff of legends and dreams, also boasts one of the longest beach lounging seasons in the continent, if not the planet. Which means that if you’re brave enough you might as well still venture into the sea, as the water temperature during November is not lower than it is in May or June (around 20°C). And if not, bear in mind that the swimming season here starts in mid April. So while summer seems eons away at the moment; sea and sun bathing shall be actually possible, even for the less courageous, in the beaches in Chania within the space of five months.

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Chania’s 10 most astonishing beaches: A List by Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias

May 31, 2018
Crystal clear sea and footsteps on the sand at a beach in Chania, Crete.

Just close your eyes and imagine: Long stretches of golden sand; crystal clear, turquoise and blue waters; a hot, scorching sun; secluded coves and idyllic sunsets…We bet that this is what paradise must look and feel like!


With your summer holidays just around the corner-but not quite here yet-daydreaming is all you can do in the meantime. To whet your appetite a little further, at cozy, family style Oscar Suites & Village, arguably the best hotel in Platanias, just 9 km from the historic town of Chania; we have compiled a list of the 10 most astonishing beaches in the region. After all at Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias, we aim to please. And to this end we place a great emphasis on insider’s intel: In fact our staff goes the extra mile to provide our guests with exclusive tips and information for just about everything. This essential lowdown does make a world of difference in our guests’ stay; and it is, accordingly, one of the reasons that make Oscar, the best hotel in Platanias.

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December 19, 2012

We want to start by wishing you a big, warm welcome to the blog of Oscar Suites & Village. A blog is something we have been looking forward to create for quite some time, and we hope you will appreciate the contents of the upcoming articles on this page.


There are so many things we would like for you to take a part in, and we will use this blog to share our stories and observations about the things going on in our hotel, as well as including you in the hearts of the Cretan people and their culture. Hopefully you will find this unofficial little blog both interesting and entertaining.

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