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Walking in Crete

September 22, 2021

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Walking in Crete is the best way to explore the scenery, meet the locals, smell the flowers and discover that quaint little tavern!

Between east and west, on the crossroad of three continents -Asia, Europe and Africa- Crete is like a country on its own: With varied landscapes of gorgeous coastlines, high mountains, and plateaus, steep ravines, Eden-like plains and open panoramic views, Greece’s largest island is best discovered on foot. This is no secret, and that’s why every year it attracts hikers from all around the globe. And they need not be particularly experienced -just keen and effervescent. With thousands of kilometres of tracks of different degrees of difficulty to suit all levels of fitness and expertise, options for outdoor enthusiasts are plentiful. How about taking a break from the staple sea-sun-sand combo, to experience dramatic vistas, enchanting scenery, and the slow-paced, stress-free rhythms of local life?


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Travelling to Crete: 5 +1 great reasons

August 23, 2021

Image by stefanlanghp1 from Pixabay


Are you ready for glorious days spent lounging on exotic beaches, exploring secret coves, hiking amid striking gorges or discovering the treasures of the ancients? Are you ready for long endless sunsets, and for balmy nights filled with laughter, music, dance and amazing food? Then look no further than Crete: Greece’s largest and arguably most popular island, has all that and much more: Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff, an adrenaline adventurer or a foodie -and everything in between- there are many good reasons for travelling to Crete, no matter the season. Read on for inspiration and ideas.

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20 Surprising facts about Crete that will amaze you

July 21, 2021

A mythic land steeped in history; with potent gods, mighty kings and mightier men -and a wealth of ancient sites and modern-day monuments to prove it. An ever changing topography where you can go from snow-capped mountain peaks to balmy beaches in an hour, and experience all four seasons in a single day. A world-renowned cuisine for its health benefits and incredible taste. Soul-lifting music and dance -and plentiful occasions to experience both. With so much more than just sea, sand and sun, Crete has all the trappings of a legend. That’s why it rightfully belongs among the planet’s most popular destinations. If you are planning to visit Greece’s largest island, here are some fascinating facts about Crete:

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