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Top Wineries near Chania (part 2)

April 27, 2022

Image by gusaap from Pixabay


Crete is the next big thing in the international wine scene – and its west is where it’s at. Taste the gems of the wineries near Chania, fall in love forever

“And wine to gladden the heart of man…”, this verse might come from the Bible, but the people of Crete have already known that for millennia before the advent of Christ. With a continuous presence since Minoan times, Cretan wines have a long-standing history that puts them in the centre of local life, folklore, and myth. They are also an important source of commerce and income – and have always been so, with ancient amphorae with Cretan emblems found across the Mediterranean basin attesting to the fact.


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Top Wineries in Chania (part 1)

March 30, 2022

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay


Wine is on Cretans’ everyday tables, it takes part in celebrations and it’s surrounded by myth. Thanks to the efforts of a handful of trailblazing producers, it is also beginning to gain due recognition in the international wine scene. Meet the rising stars of these superb wineries in Chania.


Spanning 5.000 years of history, wine is embedded in Cretans’ lives: As an accompaniment to meals, as a welcome to friends and strangers, as a mirth-inducing toast at weddings and christenings, but also as a natural remedy for the ailments of the body, heart and spirit. And while through the centuries wine has never left the locals’ table, until recently little effort was spared to keep up with developments in techniques and presentation. With the arrival of mass tourism in the ’70s, several Cretan winemakers started using foreign, popular varieties in an attempt to please the holidaymakers – alas with dubious results. Crete became a powerhouse producer of (largely bulk) wines but serious wine production and promotion were shelved.

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Oscar’s Suites & Village handpicked Chania Highlights & Attractions

May 20, 2019
Autumn in the port of Chania, Crete where Oscar Suites & Village is located.

Venetian palazzos, Ottoman baths, Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues, Orthodox cathedrals… Fusing east with west, Chania is one of these places that get under your skin. No wonder it has recently been voted among the world’s top 5 destinations by TripAdvisor’s travelers choice awards. If you are lucky enough to visit Crete’s arguably most picturesque city, you are bound to become spellbound too. Yet with so many things to do and see, you’ll probably need some assistance to navigate through the choices. This is why we hereby present our Oscar Suites & Village guide to the not to be missed Chania Highlights & Attractions:

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Easter in Crete: A magical occasion

April 19, 2019
Easter candles with yellow, pink and blue ribbons in a store in Chania, Crete.

Diachronically a magnet to the world’s adventurers and bon vivants, Crete, is at its most alluring at Easter, when ageless mystique blends with springtime’s abundant beauty. A spiritual as much as a festive occasion, Easter in Crete preserves many of its ancient facets and flavors; bringing together families and communities in an intuitively joyous way that has largely vanished from metropolitan centers. For all of us at Oscar Suites & Village apartments and studios in Platanias, this is a unique time to be cherished every year. We cordially invite you to do the same; and to put you in the right kind of mood, here are some characteristic, time honored and rather fascinating, religious and social customs, that you’ll encounter during Easter in Crete:

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Enjoy springtime at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias

March 19, 2019
Sofa, armchair and coffee table overlooking the sea on the balcony of Oscar Suites & Village.

Tired of the long, bleak winter? Good news is that spring has finally arrived! Which in Crete means no less than clear blue, sunny skies and a carpet of green, dotted with red, yellow and blue wildflowers, covering the ground. But this Monet-esque kind of synthesis -indeed a sight for sore eyes– is not the only reason for which you should opt for a springtime escapade at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias.


Read on for why you should base yourselves at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias for a sneak holiday preview at this time of the year.

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Oscar’s Top Chania Restaurants (part 2)

February 19, 2019
Menus on a table in Valentino Pasta & Grill in Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Platanias.

“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat”, wrote Mark Twain. Somewhat arbitrarily but quite safely, one could assume that Cretan food might as well had been in his mind.


Boasting one of the oldest, healthiest and most delectable gastronomic traditions in the world, Crete has to show for a cuisine that is based on the -exceptional- quality and freshness of its ingredients. Rather than the use of complicated sauces or lots of spices, its -considerable- strength lies on the purity of taste: Wild herbs and greens, copious amounts of olive oil- Crete’s liquid gold- Cretan cheeses, dakos, lamb, goat, fresh seafood, snails and green and black olives…To be savored on their own right, or combined together to produce simple, yet extremely flavourful and of course, downright delicious dishes. Indeed Crete is a culinary paradise for foodies and gourmands from all over the world!

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Amazing places to visit in Crete

January 15, 2019
Tourists walking along Samaria Gorge in Chania, Crete, where Oscar Suites & Village is located.

Not one, but myriads are the reasons for which Crete is one of the best places for a summer holiday in Europe, claims British acclaimed publication, The Telegraph. With more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, a wealth of exotic beaches, untouched villages and quaint towns, Unesco monuments and historical sites, a striking, ever changing scenery, world famous food and drink-and that’s not to mention hospitable, welcoming locals renowned for their pride and zest for life, Crete has something for all.


Whether you’re chasing the sun, are a history buff, nature lover or simply an epicurean, should you visit, you’ll be aptly rewarded. And to make sure to not miss out, read on for Oscar Suites & Village handpicked places to visit in Crete:

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Magical Christmas in Chania

December 20, 2018
People dressed like Santa Claus at the port of Chania in Crete where Oscar Suites & Village.

We Cretans choose to live each moment to the fullest; so with the Christmas holidays just around the corner we are once more, getting ready to celebrate with loads of fervour, gusto and zest.


Granted Crete’s former capital, second largest and arguably most picturesque city, Chania, a couple of kilometres from our Oscar Suites & Village at the seaside Agia Marina- Platanias, is not your typical “Rovaniemi-esque”, destination. Yet it does proffer an amazing, magical (and somewhat unconventional ) “Christmassy” experience. For new customs and old traditions seamlessly blend during Christmas in Chania. This is what makes a world of difference and we can not help but feel excited and super eager to join the festivities.

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Astounding Beaches in Chania

November 21, 2018
Golden sand and crystal clear sea at a beach in Chania, Crete.

Winter has really started showing its teeth by now -especially if you live in Northern Europe or parts of the states. A bullet proof way to beat these November blues though, is to start daydreaming. And what could be more fantasy stimulating, than an exotic beach with transparent, crystal clear waters and fine, golden sand?


Like the astonishing, world class beaches in Chania; in fact one of Crete’s principal claims to fame. Good news is that Greece’s largest island, made from the stuff of legends and dreams, also boasts one of the longest beach lounging seasons in the continent, if not the planet. Which means that if you’re brave enough you might as well still venture into the sea, as the water temperature during November is not lower than it is in May or June (around 20°C). And if not, bear in mind that the swimming season here starts in mid April. So while summer seems eons away at the moment; sea and sun bathing shall be actually possible, even for the less courageous, in the beaches in Chania within the space of five months.

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Oscar Suites & Village top 5 delicacies you have to try when visiting Chania

September 21, 2018
Cut tomatoes, olive pasta and other delicacies a tourist can sample in Oscar Suites & Village.

The perfect holiday requires a balanced amalgamation of many factors. But great food and drink is always, a non negotiable, element of the equation. Crete with its sun kissed local products and age old culinary tradition, has in recent years become one of the leading gastronomic destinations on the planet. After all the Cretan diet is internationally recognised as the paragon for sound health and delectable taste.


Specially dedicated to all of you-aspiring or accomplished- foodies, without further ado, we hereby present our handpicked Oscar Suites & Village top 5 delicacies you have to try when visiting Chania.

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