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Chania’s secret gems

January 23, 2023

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Its iconic sights have travelled the world many times over be it in postcards, magazine covers and Instagram feeds. But there are other lesser-known sites that tempt the adventurer in you to venture just that little bit further. Whether from the sea or the land, on foot, by boat or by car, explore Chania’s secret gems and fall in love forever.

Surrounded by pristine countryside, with aeons of history inscribed in its every nook and cranny, Chania on the island of Crete, is a postcard-pretty amalgam of striking nature and Venetian, Arabic, Muslim and Jewish influences.


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The most famous myths of Crete

November 18, 2022

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Brimming with wonders, Crete’s epic land has been inspiring storytellers since the dawn of history. Colourful narratives about mighty kings and potent heroes, ferocious beasts and even the planet’s first robot were passed down by word of mouth across the generations – and through the skill of their orators became deep-seated legends that attempt to account for the origins of mankind and the workings of the world.


Crete’s oral traditions – a dramatic collection of age-old, richly-narrated tales of lust, betrayal, passion and treason – continue to fascinate young and old alike. So how about imbuing your upcoming holiday on our island with an extra sprinkling of magic? Read on for the most intriguing myths of Crete and get ready to delve into a bewitching realm of fantasy where everything seems possible.

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Crete’s historical sites

September 17, 2020

From the mythological origins of Zeus to the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, truth and fiction have seamlessly blended in Crete from time immemorial. But this is what makes this island, the largest one in Greece, one of the most captivating destinations on the planet.

Granted its incredible cuisine, exotic beaches and ample opportunities for fun-filled adventures, lure a lion’s share of visitors every year. Yet it is Crete’s historical sites, those legendary stomping grounds of men, gods and heroes, that have sparked human imagination since the Iron Age mythographers, that make the difference. Indeed Crete wouldn’t be the same without its one of a kind history and culture. Whether you are into mythology, a lover of literature and art, a history buff or just a worshiper of the sun, a visit to Crete’s historical sites will leave its imprint for life. At the Oscar Suites & Village we are certainly proud of our Cretan heritage and tradition. That’s why we love sharing with you, our dear friends and guests, via our monthly blog posts, the scoop on what to see and do on your visit to Crete. Read on for Crete’s historical sites and the alluring myths that surround them.

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Mythical Crete: An ancient land brimming with epic characters

August 14, 2020

Sea-sun-sand -and fun- aside, Crete owes a large part of its allure to the legends of its past. Featuring a fascinating collection of age-old tales and stories hailing from the depths of Minoan prehistory, Mythical Crete continues to capture the imagination of modern visitors.

From divine kings, bull-headed monsters, faux-cows and heroic humans to wild nature goddesses, snake-waving priestesses and the world’s first robot, Mythical Crete never fails to amaze us at the Oscar Suites & Village. In our recent blog posts, we have travelled to the birthplace of the omnipotent ruler of men and gods, Zeus. We also took a peek into his amorous escapades with Europa, the stunning Phoenician princess who would become Crete’s first queen; and then looked into the connections between her son, King Minos, the mighty Minotaur, ingenious Daedelus and valiant Theseus. This time we will be exploring Mythical Crete’s powerful female deities and its gigantic proto-robot.

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Cretan myths and legends

June 22, 2020

Intricate, intriguing and enlightening, Cretan myths and legends, hailing from the depths of time, are intertwined with Cretan history and culture. This beguiling collection of stories of ancient gods and goddesses, beasts, men and heroes are a timeless treasure trove: To be passed on from one generation to the next; richly narrated, often dramatized and repeatedly embellished; cherished by young and old alike; providing powerful insights about life, relationships, religion and culture in ancient Crete and beyond. Here we shall look at the myths of King Minos and the mighty Minotaur, their relationship with the omnipotent ruler of men and gods, Zeus and their connection with antiquity’s other superpower, Athens.

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Cretan Mythology: A journey to the sacred places of gods and heroes

May 18, 2020

Part 1: Zeus Birthplace


After 4.000 years Cretan Mythology still fuels the imagination of the travellers of today. Read on for the lowdown.


Travelling to Crete means days and nights filled with adventure and wonder. Sea, sun and fun aside there is another good reason: Greece’s largest island is the backdrop of a collection of mythical stories of gods and demigods, men, heroes, kings and beasts, and even the world’s first robot: Epic sagas whose origins are largely lost into the depths of Minoan prehistory. Indeed for the Minoans, the sublime was everywhere, in everything, throughout the sacred Cretan land.

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