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Food in Chania

July 27, 2022

One of the greatest pleasures of holidaying in Crete is its gastronomy – a prime blend of delectability and goodness responsible for the locals’ longevity; based on the fruits of the land and the sea, and drawing on an ancient tradition that dates back to Minoan times. But it is not only quaint, old-school cafes and tavernas out there. With a new wave of forward-thinking eateries, food in Chania is in the spotlight now more than ever. The emphasis still lies on premium – and whenever possible (or befitting), locally sourced raw ingredients – but advanced techniques, fresh presentation and a surge of culinary genius have been steadfastly upping the ante in recent years.

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Enjoy springtime at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias

March 19, 2019
Sofa, armchair and coffee table overlooking the sea on the balcony of Oscar Suites & Village.

Tired of the long, bleak winter? Good news is that spring has finally arrived! Which in Crete means no less than clear blue, sunny skies and a carpet of green, dotted with red, yellow and blue wildflowers, covering the ground. But this Monet-esque kind of synthesis -indeed a sight for sore eyes– is not the only reason for which you should opt for a springtime escapade at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias.


Read on for why you should base yourselves at the Oscar Suites & Village best hotel in Platanias for a sneak holiday preview at this time of the year.

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Oscar’s Top Chania Restaurants (part 2)

February 19, 2019
Menus on a table in Valentino Pasta & Grill in Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Platanias.

“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat”, wrote Mark Twain. Somewhat arbitrarily but quite safely, one could assume that Cretan food might as well had been in his mind.


Boasting one of the oldest, healthiest and most delectable gastronomic traditions in the world, Crete has to show for a cuisine that is based on the -exceptional- quality and freshness of its ingredients. Rather than the use of complicated sauces or lots of spices, its -considerable- strength lies on the purity of taste: Wild herbs and greens, copious amounts of olive oil- Crete’s liquid gold- Cretan cheeses, dakos, lamb, goat, fresh seafood, snails and green and black olives…To be savored on their own right, or combined together to produce simple, yet extremely flavourful and of course, downright delicious dishes. Indeed Crete is a culinary paradise for foodies and gourmands from all over the world!

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Top 5 restaurants in Chania

June 29, 2018
Dining tables in the Valentino Pasta & Grill restaurant in Platanias at night.

At Oscar Suites & Village Hotel in Platanias, Chania, we are passionate about food and drink and we love to make our guests happy. To this end we have amassed several insider’s tips regarding the top 5 restaurants in Chania. All of the following establishments are geared towards maximum enjoyment of the senses; but won’t break the bank in the process. Yet the list is in no way exhaustive, so stay tuned for more intel about Chania’s superb culinary offerings.


A great variety of indigenous aromatic herbs, seasonal fruit and vegetables; in fact more than 500 different types; used raw in salads or cooked in several ways. An array of delectable, trademark local cheeses-gruyere, galotyri, xinomizithra, athotyros, staka- made with sheep and goats milk. Thick and rich olive oil; aptly named “Crete’s liquid gold”. Creamy, fragrant honey. Dusks made from wheat or barley. Plenty of fresh fish and seafood; lots of snails; some baby lamb or goat. Fiery raki and strong local wine.

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December 19, 2012

We want to start by wishing you a big, warm welcome to the blog of Oscar Suites & Village. A blog is something we have been looking forward to create for quite some time, and we hope you will appreciate the contents of the upcoming articles on this page.


There are so many things we would like for you to take a part in, and we will use this blog to share our stories and observations about the things going on in our hotel, as well as including you in the hearts of the Cretan people and their culture. Hopefully you will find this unofficial little blog both interesting and entertaining.

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