Top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania, handpicked by Oscar Suites & Village


Oscar Suites & Village aims to be an ode to the good life. And the latter of course entails knowing where and when to go whilst on holidays.So without further ado we hereby present a list with the top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania. After all at Oscar Suites & Village– which is just 9 km away from this world famous historic town, at the heart of cosmopolitan, seaside Agia Marina -Platanias– we are lucky to call home a super privileged corner of the earth. And indeed we take great pride in showcasing its manifold attractions to the world!

The Venetian Lighthouse & Harbor

Seamlessly blending Eastern and Western elements, the iconic old harbour-the city’s trademark- was built by the Venetians between 1320 and 1356. At its entrance the imposing lighthouse shines in the dark enchanting visitors from around the planet. Nowadays the whole area boasts a plethora of modern or traditional, albeit tasteful restaurants and cafes; and is the focal point of all social life. The place to see and be seen; to stroll around with your beau or bell in your arms; to romance and get romanced. Whilst in town, also make sure not to miss the impressive, cross shaped Municipal market which was inaugurated by Eleftherios Venizelos in 1913; the Maritime Museum at the Firkas Fortress, and the Municipal Art Gallery that actively promotes Cretan and Greek culture.

Castle of Gramvoussa

Dating from Medieval times, it is undoubtedly among the top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania. This castle was built in 1579 by the Venetians, on the remote islet of Gramvoussa. Its strategic far off position enabled it occupants to control the seaway between Crete and Antikythira; and to protect the island from pirate raids. It later on passed on to the Turks and was subsequently conquered by Greek revolutionaries, who -quite ironically- themselves turned into piracy for survival purposes. Climbing into the castle is quite challenging due to the rocky landscape, but the astonishing view certainly makes up for your effort.

Botanical Park Of Crete

On the foothills of the majestic White Mountains, the Botanical park & Gardens of Crete, though not as well known, surely belongs to the top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania: This is a magical place that calms the spirit and pleases the eye; affording an alternative great day out- off the beach. It was created by two brothers who saw their ancient olive grove being destroyed by a massive fire; and then set about giving it a new breath of life. The 20 hectare park boasts more than 150 species of plants-fruit trees, herbs, pharmaceutical and ornamental flowers– many indigenous; other tropical or subtropical; along with butterflies and wild birdswild goats, haresbadgersthe Cretan rock ferret and the Cretan weasel as well as tree frogs.The enchanting scenery is complemented by a charming small lake with ducks and geese gliding through the cool water; while there is a beautiful restaurant with panoramic vistas.

Therisso Village

Therisso is a small, picturesque village with a turbulent history. It was the hometown of Cretan revolutionaries Vassilis, Yiannis and Stefanos Halis who played an instrumental role during the War of Independence. Subsequently, in 1905, it hosted Venizelos’ Revolutionary Assembly; which ousted Prince George and accelerated Crete’s Independence and its unification with Greece.Nowadays it is a popular food destination; one of the top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania; as it is home to several noteworthy restaurants and taverns, such as Dounias.

Agia Marina -Platanias

One of the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts in Crete; and one of the top 5 landmarks to visit in Chania; this vibrant, seaside town will ensure that you don’t get even a minute’s boredom. There are so many things to do and see; as well as something for every taste: A long, sandy blue flagged beach, with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, for a fun and safe day under the sun. Amazing views of the Aegean sea and the idyllic Theodorou island a few meters away, for aesthetic pleasure. Ample opportunities for water sports, including jet skis, banana boatssnorkeling diving and sailing, for adrenaline and endorphins release. Many restaurants, cafes and tavernasall kind of shops and some of the most famous bars and clubs in the whole of Crete, for excitement and comfort. Plus a quaint, old, sleepy village; should you care for a break from all the buzz and hubbub.

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