Enjoy a glorious springtime escapade in our hotel in Agia Marina Chania


Crete is undoubtedly charismatic but its outstanding natural beauty reaches its peak in spring time. After the winter rains the island is at its greenest and is literally carpeted with flowers;wild orchids and wildflowers are at their prime, and their intoxicating smells and vivid colours- whites, reds, purples, yellows- create an enchanting scenery. Yet mother nature’s magic is but one lure. Crete on early spring is a great holiday destination for another plain, yet important reason: It is off peak season, which means that all those sites that one simply must visit when in Crete -from Chania old town to the famous historical monuments scattered around the island-are not overcrowded with zealous tourists. It also means that you will have more time with the locals: you will be greeted everywhere with a huge smile, served like royalty and chatted up by friendly faces. Plus, the weather, with temperatures averaging 20 C- not too hot, but warm enough-are just perfect for hiking gorges and trails and strolling around quaint villages and historic towns. Granted, venturing into the beach and the water is not for the faint hearted, but the bolder ones do attempt their first dives even as early as late March, in the hotter parts of the island, especially in the South!

We bet that all this got you thinking, so we have another hint for you:

Should you decide to visit Crete in springtime to enjoy some glorious time exploring ancient ruins, strolling through beautiful old towns, sampling delicious food and wine and admiring the striking landscape, a great idea is to base yourselves in a location that combines stunning natural beauty with proximity to many of the attractions.

Named after the local church, Agia Marina village, just 9 klm west of the town of Chania is just that spot: Every year it attracts visitors from around the globe, due to its lovely, 20 km, action packed sandy beach, its luscious scenery and picturesque view overlooking the tiny, elongated island of Thodorou – home to the famous Cretan Kri-Kri; but also because of its world class restaurants, quaint local tavernas and mythic nightlife.

Choose a hotel in Agia Marina, Chania for the ultimate spring holiday experience

Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Agia Marina, Chania lies at the heart of this beautiful seaside village. A family style, cosy hotel in Agia Marina, Chania, Oscar offers a great choice of room types to ideally suit your needs and make your holiday as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Spacious, bright and tastefully decorated, all studios and apartments of our hotel in Agia Marina, Chania, provide private balconies with a garden, pool or mountain view, state of the art amenities, as well as fully equipped kitchenettes, allowing you to live as independently as you wish in self catering style. What’s more, if you’re looking for an extra glamorous dimension to your holidays, our newest addition at Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Agia Marina, Chania, will just do the trick. Boasting its very own sizeable balcony with a Jacuzzi bathtub and breathtaking ocean vistas,our luxury private Jacuzzi suite, is designed to spoil you rotten.

You will also receive some much deserved pampering at the Valentino pasta & grill restaurant of our hotel in Agia Marina, Chania, for its culinary offerings and striking, contemporary environment make up for an unforgettable gastronomic experience that is guaranteed to tantalize even the most demanding palates.

All in all, Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Agia Marina, Chania, with its cosy atmosphere, ample offerings and beautiful surroundings is the ideal base from which to enjoy the marvels of spring in Crete. Make sure you book early to capitalize on our special spring offers and treat yourselves to this well earned break!

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