A pioneering green hotel in Crete

The main entrance to the Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Chania, Crete

Delivering premium hospitality for decades, Oscar Suites & Village, a pioneering green hotel in Crete, proves that sustainability can be actually chic. 

Who says that what’s luxurious can not be beneficial for the environment? Until quite recently, a widely held belief was that ecology can not go hand in hand with high standards – or good times, for that matter. Yet the pandemic, war(s) and global economic downturn changed all that. And the resulting increased awareness of acute and real environmental and social challenges has affected everybody’s way of thinking. We currently live in a state of perma-crisis with Mother Earth at the epicentre. With rising consciousness for the planet, going green is the only way forward – and that’s especially true in hospitality and tourism.

As a pioneering green hotel in Crete, Oscar Suites & Village has long incorporated sustainability into its ethos and conduct. Quite simply, to us, travel is all about seeing the world’s beauty – and that means we need to safeguard it.

Ever since its inauguration so many years ago, Oscar Suites & Village championed the respect and connection to the nature, culture and traditions of the island – and this is one of the principal reasons why it became a firm favourite for travellers from all over the world, looking to experience Crete at its most authentic.

A family-run, forward-thinking establishment, even before sustainability turned the buzzword of the day, Oscar Suites & Village became perhaps the first green hotel in Crete following its comprehensive renovation in 2013. Going the extra mile for the environment, we have extensively used eco-friendly materials throughout our facilities – which are nowadays as energy efficient as possible. Our hotel is also surrounded by luscious Mediterranean gardens with colourful plants and exotic trees. These look and feel good – and they also contribute to the enhancement of biodiversity and the preservation of ecosystems. As an integral part of our unwavering green hospitality strategy – which includes waste management, water conservation and recycling – water is recycled in order to water trees and plants. Guests are also encouraged to reuse linens and towels whilst we participate in local pro-environmental initiatives, along with various groups and authorities doing their bit in defending the natural wealth of this amazing island.

We are moreover staunch advocates of the farm-to-table approach, so our chefs at the acclaimed Valentino Pasta & Grill Restaurant source most ingredients locally – not only to reduce their carbon footprint but to elevate the taste of the dishes. Our happy customers can attest to the latter. 

Aiming to tread lightly on earth, we also try to give back to the local community. That is why we employ a significant percentage of our staff from the nearby villages. And though we still have a long way to go, our responsible practices and eco-conscious philosophy have rightfully earned us the title of the best Green hotel in Crete.  

We meticulously follow the ISO 14001 standards guidelines for environmental management – and in recognition of our ongoing efforts, we received our certificate in 2016.

However, this does not mean that we are resting on our laurels. We systematically explore new ways to protect Crete, our birthplace and the island where we live, work and create. It just comes naturally when you love a place, along with its nature and people.

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