Oscar Suites & Village Green Hotel In Crete: The eco conscious way


Travel is all about experiencing the world’s beauty, and that means we need to protect it. So, rather than the latest fad or fashion, sustainability for all of us at the Oscar Suites & Village Green hotel in Crete, is nothing but a necessity. Which, put simply, has to do with the preservation and safekeeping of the places that we love the most: For us this is the stunning seaside Agia Marina-Platanias, just 9 klm from the iconic old town of Chania in Crete.

A long, sandy strip with blue flag awarded waters, lined up with quaint cafes, bars and tavernas overlooking the idyllic Thodorou island -the base of the protected Kri-Kri species– it truly is one of those places that get under your skin.

Filled with pride and honor for this little slice of heaven on earth we are lucky to call home, our aim has always been to showcase it to the world in all its glory.

That is why when we set about totally renovating Oscar Suites & Village back in 2013, we went the extra mile for the good of the environment. Nowadays an example setting Green hotel in Crete, the Oscar Suites & Village, lives and breathes by the principles of sustainable development.

An award winning Green hotel in Crete

A proud owner of several, world class environmental distinctions and certifications, including the ISO 14001:2015 which is in effect since 2016 or Tripadvisor’s excellence award in 2018the Oscar Suites & Village, abounds with energy-efficient technology and sustainable materials.

A premium Green hotel in Crete, it uses solar energy for electricity and hot water; employs composting and water conservation systems; and meticulously practices waste recycling.

In line with our attempt to minimise our impact on the environment, Oscar’s Suites & Village building itself has been constructed from local natural materials; whilst its facilities are as energy efficient as possible through the extensive use of the latest green technologies. Similarly, Oscar’s Suites & Village complex is surrounded by colorful gardens with luscious trees and plants: Not only easy on the eye but also thoughtfully offering some much needed, all natural protection from the heat and the scorching sun.

Easy living at the Oscar Suites & Village Green Hotel in Crete

Authenticity, bespoke, attentive service with a personal touch and a focus on the well being of the planet– those are the ingredients of the Oscar Suites & Village Green Hotel in Crete.

Embedded in the picturesque landscape of Agia Marina -Platanias, your thoughtfully designed, sustainable studio, apartment or suite provides you with stunning sea or garden vistas.

After a good night’s sleep on your eco friendly Coco-Mat pillow and mattress, our bio breakfast – which also features a certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotelsspecial Greek Breakfast Corner with locally sourcedseasonal treats– is a great start to the day.

Relax and unwind by the side of the Oscar’s two sizeable pools; work on your tan -or your bikini body at the gym; pop by next door to the glorious beach; go about discovering the area’s manifold charms.

Hungry from the day’s experience and the pure Aegean air, you will be spoilt for choice at the renowned Valentino pasta & grill. Whether it is the chef’s homemade specialties or his signature, Italian inspired pasta, all dishes at the restaurant are prepared with fresh regional materials. Take your pick as your mood strikes you!

This is what sustainable luxury looks and feels like at the eco conscious Oscar Suites & Village. No longer an oxymoron, but a modern day imperative, green travel is about easy living while doing good to the environment -and ultimately yourself. We cordially invite you to come and find out more about the green way!

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