Today, the olive oil producers of Crete are being invited to present their products by participating in the first “Cretan Olive Oil Competition” ever held. This unique event is located in Rethymnon, just 60 kilometres away from Oscar Suites & Village. The competition will highlight branded olive oils from the island in order to distinguish such important delegates of this quality product to international as well as local markets.

The Greeks are famous for their superior quality of olive oil and they were actually the first to cultivate the olive tree in about 2500 BC. According to Homer, the olive oil represented health, strength and power and besides the fact that it was regarded as medicine, it was also believed it was a source of magic and inspiration. In ancient Greece, fighters would rub olive oil on their heads as a symbol of concentration and purity, while athletes would salve their entire bodies in oil, believing it would provide them with strength and good luck before battle.

Nowadays, we have scientific evidence through medical research that oil consumption is highly beneficial for human health, reducing the risk of cancer, preventing heart disease, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and decreasing high blood pressure to name some.

Now these I would say are some good reasons to bring home that extra little bottle of liquid gold from your next holidays!

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