Oscar’s Top Chania Restaurants (part 2)


“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat”, wrote Mark Twain. Somewhat arbitrarily but quite safely, one could assume that Cretan food might as well had been in his mind.

Boasting one of the oldest, healthiest and most delectable gastronomic traditions in the world, Crete has to show for a cuisine that is based on the -exceptional- quality and freshness of its ingredients. Rather than the use of complicated sauces or lots of spices, its -considerable- strength lies on the purity of taste: Wild herbs and greens, copious amounts of olive oil- Crete’s liquid gold- Cretan cheeses, dakos, lamb, goat, fresh seafood, snails and green and black olives…To be savored on their own right, or combined together to produce simple, yet extremely flavourful and of course, downright delicious dishes. Indeed Crete is a culinary paradise for foodies and gourmands from all over the world!

At Oscar Suites & Village Hotel in Platanias, Chania, we do love our food and drink, nearly as much as we love making our guests happy. So without further ado we hereby present part 2 of our handpicked suggestions for the greatest Chania restaurants: As was the case in our 1st installment of the top Chania restaurants, the following proposals include traditional as well as more modern options, catering to different styles and dispositions. However, all stand out for their authenticity, hospitality, quality and wealth of tastes. Read on and get ready to embark on an amazing culinary adventure!

Prassein Aloga

“Act irrationally”, suggests the name of this place: Amalgamating food and fun, it is a popular local hangout which serves traditional Cretan meze with a modern twist. Delicacies such as siglino with mizithra cheese, peppers and oregano, pork with raisins and rum, fried apaki with honey and sesame or handmade kaltsounia with honey are among the options. Unfalteringly wolfed down with raki shots -or cocktails should you wish- and accompanied by lively Greek music. An excellent choice for a fun night out that goes on until the wee hours of the morning.

To Antikristo

One of the most traditional amongst the best Chania restaurants“To Antikristo”, which takes its name after a time honored Cretan cooking technique, is located in Perivolia, one of the region’s quaint villages. Boasting a slow food philosophy, it serves simple food made solely with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. The same principle applies to juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, alcoholic and other beverages served here: So you will not find any ketchup, mustard or imported butternor Coke, Whiskey, Amstel, or Lipton. What you get instead shall be delicacies such as staka with potatoes and eggs, pancetta, apaki, and stamnagathi, Sfakian cheese, folded pies, real aubergine salad and 4-8 hours slow roasted meat. Everything is a treat and anyone who appreciates the real deal should give it a try.

Kouzina e.p.e

This popular Chania restaurant serves food which is probably the closest you can get to what a Cretan family really eats at home: Beetroot salad with olive oil and vinegar, stuffed cabbage leaves with yoghurt, soutzoukakia with tomato sauce and oven potatoes, stuffed courgettes with minced meat and egg-lemon sauce, bean soup, wilted greens, lamb in a lemony casserole, stuffed capsicums, among other delights. All beautifully presented and savored in a modern, cosy and unpretentious environment. Bear in mind that it is open only for lunch; yet you’ll keep coming back for more for its unbeatable combination of great valuewelcoming vibes-and that’s not to mention sensational cuisine.

Valentino Pasta & Grill

No list of the top Chania restaurants is complete without a mention of Valentino Pasta & Grill at our Oscar Suites & Village Hotel in Platanias, Chania. Designed with the most discerning food and wine aficionados in mind, it serves a variety of mouthwatering dishes made with the best and freshest, locally sourced ingredients, amidst a striking, contemporary setting. Whether for breakfast-to start the day as befits a king or queen-a quick (or lazy and extended!) lunch with friends or a romantic dinner on a special occasion, this is without doubt, the place to be!

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