Planning our next steps at Oscar Suites & Village Hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania


With the summer of ‘17 come and gone for good by now, at Oscar Suites & Village hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania, we just bid adieu to our last guests for the season. Yet while it is time for us to put our feet up, relax and unwind for a bit (the latter of course being the operational word, as at Oscar Suites & Village hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania we are constantly busy conjuring new and exciting stuff for the upcoming year), for the majority of our compatriots, it is business as usual. Though tourism-and the industry revolving around it- is a key aspect of the Cretan economy, this does not mean that life stops in the winter. Actually the island’s towns and villages are still very much alive and kicking during the so called “off season” months as locals go about their daily business. In fact there is so much to do. Crete, which produces more olive oil than all of the Greek islands and mainland combined boasts over 30 million olive trees. Come November and it is time for the annual olive harvest: This is an age old tradition going back to ancient Greece, which has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years; and in which nearly every Cretan (as well as a several of the more adventurous, lucky visitors) participate.

Apart from some rather intensive labor, the whole process involves equally copious amounts of merry making and feasting, as each day ends up with shots of strong raki and various delectable local delicacies, as the Cretan manner postulates: “Live today, for tomorrow may never come”.

The same principles apply to life in the Cretan citiesLetting go and socializing with kindred spirits remain high in the list of priorities, as the summer scene of glamorous beach bars and outdoor tavernas changes to trendy indoor cafes and restaurants, and cozy, old school “kafeneia” and tavernas with wood-burning stoves or open fireplaces.

The Cretan way of life inspires plans at Oscar Suites & Village hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania

Loads of glass clinking and philosophising certainly ensues; And this fuels our imagination. After all if it wasn’t for our efforts to constantly exceed and dazzle ourselves, our cozy, family style hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania, wouldn’t be thus renowned for its hospitality and flair.

Blending comfort and style with a coveted seaside location, Oscar Suites & Village hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania, boasts individually styled, sea, pool or mountain view, fully equipped studios and apartments, a luxury private Jacuzzi suite with breathtaking sea vistas, two sizable swimming pools and two smaller, side children pools, as well as the emblematic Valentino pasta & grill restaurant– a shrine to international and contemporary Cretan gastronomy.

Yet instead of resting in our laurels, at Oscar Suites & Village hotel near Agia Marina beach in Chania we strive to become better and better with each passing year. So as we sit back and enjoy some (much deserved!) leisurely hours in wintertime Crete, we are simultaneously laying our plans for the coming season. Stay tuned for there are several tantalizing surprises in store!

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