Romantic getaway to Crete

Photo by Anastasia Lavrinovich from Pixabay
Photo by Anastasia Lavrinovich from Pixabay

Instead of the customary candlelit dinner, this year make a difference by honouring St. Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway to Crete.

Every year, across the world, February 14th marks a flurry of activity among loved-up couples, rushing to exchange racy lingerie and vows of undying affection. But what’s the story behind the day?

Valentine was a Roman priest and the patron of epileptics, who alongside St. Mario, defied Emperor Claudius Gothicus’s decree by continuing to officiate Christian marriages. Facing challenges in recruiting soldiers for military campaigns, the Emperor attributed this difficulty to men hesitating to leave their families for war – and thereafter banned marriage. Both priests were arrested, tortured, and ultimately killed for their commitment to enamoured couples. While St. Mario has faded into relative obscurity, Valentine is lavishly commemorated annually on February 14th – the alleged day of his demise. The choice of the date, however, goes beyond the martyred Valentine’s tale.

Centuries before the advent of Christ, Romans observed pagan customs on similar dates, specifically from the 13th to the 15th of February, in honour of Luperkus, the Wolf Hunter. During the festivities known as “Lupercalia,” the practice of exchanging gifts among loved ones was accompanied by a series of rites and ceremonies, often escalating into elaborate celebrations and even orgies.

The Roman tradition of Lupercalia was introduced to England by the Romans. As Christianity gained prevalence as the state religion, Lupercalia was eventually abolished, making way for the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. This modern observance, with its focus on love and affection, essentially evolved from an ancient pagan custom that underwent a Christian makeover.

An alternative explanation for why February 14th is regarded as the most romantic day of the year stems from the ancient belief that birds began to mate specifically on this date.

St. Valentine’s Day, in fact, carries with it a rich history, blending ancient pagan rituals with Christian adaptations and enduring beliefs about the onset of nature’s courtship

Whether you’re in an established relationship or in the hopeful courtship phase, instead of the classic red roses, make the difference – with a gesture bound to ignite much more enthusiasm than the overplayed heart-shaped candies. And what better way to shout “I love you” than with a romantic getaway to Crete?

Plan a romantic getaway to Crete and the Oscar Suites & Village

Φωτογραφία από Anastasia Lavrinovich από το PixabayNine km west of Chania Town – an iconic destination with a hauntingly romantic atmosphere – Agia Marina – Platanias is a lively coastal village with a well-organised, 20 km long sandy beach. This is the scenic habitat of Oscar Suites & Village – a family-run, green hotel, renowned for its aesthetic, amenities, uplifting ambience and heartfelt hospitality. All studios & apartments come with gorgeous views and the latest modern conveniences and comforts – like fully equipped kitchenettes and premium Cocomat ecological mattresses and pillows. But if you’re seriously looking to up the ante, our characteristically stunning Sea View Jacuzzi Suite is tailor-made for an unforgettable romantic getaway to Crete. Think sleek and stylish interiors with the latest mod-cons like a Nespresso machine, a big smart TV and a powerful rain shower, a sizeable bed with a premium mattress and bedding, plenty of space to sprawl in, in style – and the best of all? A large sea-gazing veranda with a generously proportioned hot tub inviting you to sink in and rekindle the flames.

Though never leaving your room is certainly an option – the onsite Valentino Pasta & Grill Restaurant might tempt you away with its mouth watering delicacies. And this is just a sample of the delights that await you on your romantic getaway to Crete at the Oscar Suites & Village.

Did you like our post? Stay tuned to the Oscar Suites & Village blog for more tips and ideas for discoveries in and around Chania and for more local insights and suggestions on what to see and do on the fabulous island of Crete!

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