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A memorable spring excursion in Chania (part 1)

May 19, 2023

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Missing nature and the beauty of the great outdoors? Thought so. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to present you, our suggestions for an exciting spring excursion in Chania.


Crete’s former capital, and arguably most picturesque town, blends gorgeous landscapes, stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, emblematic sites and hidden gems. That’s why Chania is a yearlong wonderland, brimming with attractions no matter the weather. But if you’re wondering when it is the best time to visit, the answer would be most likely spring. With clear sunny skies, balmy temperatures (May average highs hover around 24°C ), and nature in full bloom, spring in Chania is wonderful – and there are no tourist hordes, which means you can enjoy the icons without having to beat the crowds at it. If you are planning an April, May or early June escapade in Greece’s largest island, read on for our handpicked suggestions for a spring excursion in Chania, that’ll linger long in the memory.

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3 lesser-known historical sites in Crete

March 20, 2023

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Steeped in legend, the lesser-known historical sites in Crete have an authentic charm that fascinates in-the-know visitors as much as, if not more, than their more famous counterparts like Knossos and Phaistos.

With its signature mix of exotic beaches, rugged mountains and gripping landmarks, Crete is brimming with attractions. Perhaps the most famous of them all, the 4,000-year-old palace of Knossos receives an average of five thousand visitors in a day. This spectacularly (though somewhat speculatively) restored Minoan palatial complex captures the imagination of young and old with its sheer size, expressive frescoes and fascinating myths. But there are other, just as captivating, though lesser-known historical sites in Crete that beg for exploration – and the good thing is you won’t have to beat the crowds to it.

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Chania’s secret gems

January 23, 2023

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Its iconic sights have travelled the world many times over be it in postcards, magazine covers and Instagram feeds. But there are other lesser-known sites that tempt the adventurer in you to venture just that little bit further. Whether from the sea or the land, on foot, by boat or by car, explore Chania’s secret gems and fall in love forever.

Surrounded by pristine countryside, with aeons of history inscribed in its every nook and cranny, Chania on the island of Crete, is a postcard-pretty amalgam of striking nature and Venetian, Arabic, Muslim and Jewish influences.


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Cretan Heritage: A tribute to our time-honored folkways by Oscar Suites & Village

February 26, 2020
Three Cretans wearing traditional clothes dancing Cretan dances.

An essential part of the proud Cretan Heritage, music and dancing have taken center stage in the locals’ lives since time immemorial. Read on for the lowdown.

Continuously inhabited for the past 130,000 years, Crete is a place where fact coincides with fiction and fiction with fact. Perhaps this rather alluring overlap explains why Greece’s largest island remains largely true to its customs and traditions. More so than any other region in the country.

Rooted in history and myths, embedded in contemporary everyday life, the emblematic Cretan heritage is manifested in myriads of ways: In the Cretan’s ancient folkways, their code of conduct and close-knit family relations; through dress, dietary habits, song, and dance. In fact, music holds a special place in Cretans‘ hearts: If you visit you’ll probably bump into an impromptu live set, with lyra, mantinades and all. And this could happen in a village kafenion or even on the streets of busy urban centers like Chania. Here is some background information so that you know what you are listening to.

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What to do & places to visit in Crete in the winter

November 27, 2019
Snow on the White Mountains in Chania, Crete where Oscar Suites & Village is located.

Crete’s much more than its sand and sun. To begin with, Europe’s oldest civilization was born here, at this southernmost, sun-kissed corner of the continent. As it happens, Crete’s history did start as it meant to go, for it never ceased to be fascinating ever since: Often turbulent, repeatedly prolific, leaving behind a compelling cultural legacy and an intricate web of myths and surviving traditions. Indeed in the case of Greece’s largest island ancient secrets and age-old customs coexist with a striking, virgin, ever-changing nature: Lending itself to all sorts of adventures; allowing for not even a moment’s boredom. And the best of all? the Cretans themselves: The island’s passionate, hospitable inhabitants who are eager to open their homes and hearts to well-meaning strangers; and to share their food, drink, music, and way of life.

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Oscar Suites & Village guide to Cretan wines

October 18, 2019
Red grapes on a wooden table. Guests can sample wine from the Cretan vineyard.

“Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man.” – Plato.

Our ancestors placed wine at the heart of everyday life and culture -as a staple of their diet, as an important trade commodity, but also for religious, social and medicinal purposes. Inhabitants of Greece’s largest island were no exception, but in fact groundbreaking champions of wine. With a continuous presence since Minoan times, Cretan wines have a millennial history that puts them in the center of local folklore, myths, and customs. Imbued with nutritional and merry -making qualities; invariably present at the table; to be shared with family and friends in everyday and joyful occasions; even consumed to the point of ecstasy in special feasts and fiestas- a remnant of the Dionysian cult; but also as a cure for a host of ailments and an important source of commerce and income. Extending over 50.000 acres of fertile land, the Cretan vineyard is the third-largest in Greece, yielding some 95.000 tons that account for 20% of the total produce. Despite their rather late (and at the beginning somewhat unfortunate) adaptation to current demands and imperatives, local producers are nowadays becoming increasingly sophisticated. Cretan wines, falling into several P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) and P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) categories; some even hailing from ancient varieties saved from complete extinction through the work of a new wave of eager winemakers, are starting to acquire international praise and acclaim. Likewise, thanks to the efforts of pioneering local producers, along with the rise of agro and wine tourism, visitors coming to Crete from the four corners of the globe are today realizing that there is so much more than its exotic beaches…

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Going green when traveling

September 27, 2019
Recycling symbol in Oscar Suites & Village, an eco friendly hotel in Platanias, Crete.

Travel is a force for good: It can open our hearts and expand our minds, give us a broader understanding of the world, inspire us to change stale habits -and that’s not to mention provide us with amazing Instagram content!


Tourism, however, can also do a number on Mother Earth. And though we cannot control the carbon emissions of the planes we fly in; or the plastics used in the souvenirs sold in our destinations of choice; there’s a number of things we can do to minimize the environmental impact of our travel. Bottom line is that going green with smart, simple choices leaves us with more positive impressions of the places we visit and allows us to have more meaningful experiences along the way.

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Oscar Suites & Village practical guide & tips for travelling to Crete

August 29, 2019
Green grass, trees and a lake in Chania, Crete where Oscar Suites & Village is located.

From sleepy mountain villages to quaint, vibrant towns; from long sandy beaches with crystalline seas, water sports, and beach-bar-boogie to secluded, rocky bays, steep gorges and ravines; from ancient monuments to byzantine monasteries; from museum-hopping to all night partying… In Crete, variety is, indeed, the spice of life.


Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff; an adrenaline junkie, a foodie or a party animal, you’ll find that life on Greece’s largest island, and Europe’s most southern post, is supremely exciting and never dull. In fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice; so read on for what you need to know especially if travelling to Crete for the first time.

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