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Easter in Chania

April 20, 2021

Though lavishly celebrated throughout the country, Easter in Chania is extra magical, with a host of dramatic, time-honoured traditions at play.

Easter is the grandest celebration in the Greek Orthodox Calendar but it in fact predates the Christian religion. Rooted in ancient spring rituals that are associated with the rebirth of nature at the end of the winter, Easter merges the spiritual, the metaphysical and the ceremonial with elation and joy. Though piously observed throughout Greece, it is at its most authentic in Crete: A solemn as much as buoyant occasion, Easter in Chania is accompanied by a host of age-old rituals that serve to reinforce community bonds.

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Easter in Crete: A magical occasion

April 19, 2019
Easter candles with yellow, pink and blue ribbons in a store in Chania, Crete.

Diachronically a magnet to the world’s adventurers and bon vivants, Crete, is at its most alluring at Easter, when ageless mystique blends with springtime’s abundant beauty. A spiritual as much as a festive occasion, Easter in Crete preserves many of its ancient facets and flavors; bringing together families and communities in an intuitively joyous way that has largely vanished from metropolitan centers. For all of us at Oscar Suites & Village apartments and studios in Platanias, this is a unique time to be cherished every year. We cordially invite you to do the same; and to put you in the right kind of mood, here are some characteristic, time honored and rather fascinating, religious and social customs, that you’ll encounter during Easter in Crete:

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Easter in Crete : Oscar Suites & Village apartments and studios in Platanias, ultimate guide

March 28, 2018
Red eggs in a basket and a traditional sweet on a table at Easter in Crete.

Easter in Crete blends the religious, the theatrical, the social and the metaphysical to bring communities together with a joyfulness that is largely lost in contemporary metropolitan centers.This is a spiritual as much as festive occasion that we at Oscar Suites & Village apartments and studios in Platanias, are lucky enough to enjoy every year. We urge you to partake in this experience at least once in a lifetime; so we have compiled a list with some insider’s intel to prepare for your visit:


1.Easter is connected with pagan rituals that accompanied the arrival of spring, so many of its traditions predate the Christian era. One version stipulates that the name Easter stems from Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon deity of springtime. Easter is also associated with the Jewish festival of Pesach, signifying the eternal passover from death to life and from earth to heaven.

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Happy Easter

May 1, 2016

Easter in Crete is certainly something for itself as it is the most important holiday of the year. Today, Sunday, is the celebration of the Greek Orthodox Easter where the day is enjoyed to its fullest by serving many traditional recipes in the company of family and friends.


Greek Orthodox households grill a whole lamb – “souvla”, as it symbols Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, and eat “kokoretsi” which is the lamb’s liver wrapped with the intestines. During Easter, the Greeks greet each other with the phrase “Christ has risen” and respond with “Truly he has risen”.

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April 5, 2015

Easter is without doubt the most sacred holidays in the Greek Orthodox faith, where many have been fasting since February 23rd by excluding meat, fish, eggs, oil and dairy products from their diets. Most Greeks start to take their fasting seriously on the week leading up to Easter, from Monday the 6th of April, known as Holy Week.


The Easter preparations usually start on Holy Thursday where the traditional Easter bread, cookies and cheese pies are baked. Women and children dye eggs in red color that is meant to symbolize the blood of Christ. In the evening, the church will hold a symbolic representation of the crucifixion and it is also the evening where the mourning begins.

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