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Sneak holiday preview at Oscar Suites & Village hotel with swimming pools in Platanias

May 25, 2017
Crystal clear swimming pool in Oscar Suites & Village hotel in Platanias, Chania, Crete.

After a long -and quite harsh- winter, summer is finally here to stay. No doubt your spirits are considerably lifted in view of the upcoming holidays. Downside is that your holidays are still far away, and you’re currently stuck in the big city. Good news is that it is actually very easy to do yourself a great favor and treat yourself, and yours, to a sneaky vacation preview-even for as little as a long weekend.


The Chania region, and its beautiful beach resort, Platanias, is always a great place to visit, but especially so at this time of the year. Nature is at its best, the weather is sunny and mild, waters are cool and crystal clear, food and drinks are as always copious and delightful, the hordes of tourists are absent still, and the locals, not yet tired and frustrated from the season, are at their most jovial and kind. Plus there are always the low cost carriers, which indeed will carry you here for a symbolic, low cost.

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We are excited to announce Oscar Suites & Village hotel opening for the summer 2017 season!

April 28, 2017
Sizeable swimming pool and comfortable sunbeds in Oscar Suites & Village in Chania.

Easter was as always splendid in Agia Marina, Chania. For it might be transformed into a tourist Mecca during the summer, but it is in essence a picturesque, quaint village, which meticulously observes the age old customs and traditions that make Easter the most important holiday in the Greek world. So throughout the Holy week we once more partook in the baking of sweet breads and “koulourakia”, we dyed our eggs red, solemnly sang along the candle- lit processions and thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent Easter Sunday celebrations. But upon ceremoniously feasting on the exquisitely seasoned spit roast lamb, and-in typical Cretan fashion-danced and drunk our worries away, we got down to (serious) business.


For at Oscar Suites & Village we had plenty to do before our hotel opening for the 2017 summer season on April 21st.

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